Effect of Silica Nanoparticles on Properties of Coatings Based on Acrylic Emulsion Resin

Vuong Thien Nguyen, Hung Dao Phi, Hung Dao Phi, Thanh Van Trinh, Thanh Van Trinh, Phuc Van Mac, Phuc Van Mac, Hiep Anh Nguyen, Hiep Anh Nguyen, Hieu Manh Dang, Hieu Manh Dang, Linh Thi Nguyen, Linh Thi Nguyen, Tien Manh Duong, Tien Manh Duong


Effect of nanosilica size on physic-mechanical properties, thermal stability and weathering durability of coating based on acrylic emulsion. Nanocomposite coating formulas were filled by 2 wt.% nanosilica particles which were used in this study, namely: nanosilica from Sigma (15-20nm), nansilica from rice husk (~70-200 nm) and nanosilica from Arosil – Belgium (7-12 nm). Obtained results showed that viscosity flow of coating formula containing nanosilica from Arosil saw the highest flow-time while coating formulas filled other nanosilica and unfilled nanosilica experienced similar flow-time. In presence of nanosilica, coating properties were improved in comparison with neat coating. However, coating filled by nanosilica from rice husk indicated the best properties in studied coating formula. It may explained that size of nanosilica from rice husk was the largest in studied nanosilica particles and thus easily dispersing into coating formula.


nanosilica, physic-mechanical properties, weathering durability, thermal stability, acrylic emulsion

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