Ke Oanh Vu, Thi Xuan Hang To, Anh Truc Trinh, Thuy Duong Nguyen, Gia Vu Pham, Anh Son Nguyen, Thu Thuy Thai, Hiroyuki Tanabe, Ryuichi Aoki


Coating systems based on zinc rich primer and fluoropolymer top coat were exposed for 8 years at different atmospheric stations in Vietnam: Hanoi, Ha Long and Nha Trang. For comparison the coating system with zinc rich primer and polyurethane topcoat was also tested. The degradations of coating systems were evaluated by gloss measurement and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The obtained results show that coating systems with zinc rich primer and top coatings based on fluoropolymer  and polyurethane topcoats show very high weather resistance and corrosion protection performance, but the systems with fluoropolymer are better than coating system with polyurethane topcoat.


fluoropolymer, tropical atmospheric exposure, weather resistance, corrosion protection

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