Nguyen Thu Anh, Tran Thai Son


The real-world-semantics interpretability concept of fuzzy systems introduced in [1] is new for the both methodology and application and is necessary to meet the demand of establishing a mathematical basis to construct computational semantics of linguistic words so that a method developed based on handling the computational semantics of linguistic terms to simulate a human method immediately handling words can produce outputs similar to the one produced by the human method. As the real world of each application problem having its own structure which is described by certain linguistic expressions, this requirement can be ensured by imposing constraints on the interpretation assigning computational objects in the appropriate computational structure to the words so that the relationships between the computational semantics in the computational structure is the image of relationships between the real-world objects described by the word-expressions. This study will discuss more clearly the concept of real-world-semantics interpretability and point out that such requirement is a challenge to the study of the interpretability of fuzzy systems, especially for approaches within the fuzzy set framework. A methodological challenge is that it requires both the computational expression representing a given linguistic fuzzy rule base and an approximate reasoning method working on this computation expression must also preserve the real-world semantics of the application problem. Fortunately, the hedge algebra (HA) based approach demonstrates the expectation that the graphical representation of the rule of fuzzy systems and the interpolation reasoning method on them are able to preserve the real-world semantics of the real-world counterpart of the given application problem.


Interpretable; fuzzy system; hedge algebra

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