Truong Tich Thien, Sang Quang Nguyen, Bang Kim Tran


Natural energy such as wind, wave and other natural vibrations is one of the high potential renewable energy sources. The Wells turbine is based on the use of bidirectional turbines, which act as axial-flow self-rectifying turbines that employs a symmetrical blade profile and rotating unidirectionally in reciprocating airflows generated by the air chamber to extract energy from vibrations. These topics have been extensively studied both numerically and experimentally such as research on the parameters of the effects of structure, angle of attack, blade shape, etc. In this paper, numerical simulation is carried out using commercially available tool Fluent for fluid dynamics analysis and focus on oscillating predictions, with particular attention to the behavior of the flow. Based on the Numerical Wave Tank (NWT) model is simulated in a two dimensional used in this model, which is constructed mainly based on the spatially averaged Navier Stokes equation with the k-ε model for simulating the turbulence and modeled with Volume of Fluid (VOF). Axial-flow turbines system and future development as well as the proposed limitations will be discussed in detail.


Oscillating Water Column (OWC), Volumn of Fluid (VOF), dynamic flow, wave energy, Computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

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