A study on the expresion patterns of GmHK06 and GmRR34 upon water deficit in Mtd777-2 and DT20

Hoang Thi Lan Xuan, Nguyen Ho Thuy Dung, Nguyen Binh Anh Thu, Nguyen Phuong Thao


Two-component systems (TCSs) form a distinct family of factors which have been reported to participate in the regulation of plant responses upon water-limiting conditions. Previous studies conducted by our group have shown that MTD777-2 had better drought-responsive capacities than DT20. Therefore, in this research, we would like to identify the tissue-specific expression patterns of two TCS members genes encoding a histidine kinase GmHK06 and a response regulator GmRR34 in these two local soybean varieties. The isolated RNA samples from root and shoot of plants grown under normal condition and 15-day drought treatment were used for cDNA synthesis followed by quantitative Real-time PCR. The analyses indicated that under the water stress, GmHK06 expression was repressed in root yet up-regulated in shoot, especially with a higher level in the shoot of MTD777-2. Meanwhile, there was a significant increase in the gene expression of GmRR34 in tissues of both cultivars. These findings suggested that while GmHK06 was a tissue-dependent factor, GmRR34 was a positive regulator against drought stress. Therefore, they could be considered as potential candidate genes for genetic engineering application that need to be deeply studied in future.


Glycine max, drought stress, GmHK06, GmRR34.

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