Diversity of flora and the vegetation at high belt, over 1600 m alt. of the Hoang Lien national park, Lao Cai province

Vu Anh Tai, Nguyen Nghia Thin


The first result in this paper was list of natural vegetation types of study area according to UNESCO (1973) with 12 types in 3 classes. The second result was list and the diversity of flora at hight belt over 1600m alt. of the Hoanglien national park. 1553 species belonging to 709 genera, 189 families and 4 divisions of vascular plants were record. There are 5 new records for the flora of Vietnam (one monotype families, one monotype genus and 3 species). Magnoliophyta was most diversity phyllum; 10 richest families and 10 richest genera were listed. The third result was about the plant biogeographical elements, specially with 20.99% of species edemic for Vietnam’s flora and 4.46% of local endemic species. The lats result was plant resources, including 656 useful species (42.42%) and 58 species listed in The Red Data Book of Vietnam (1996), The Red List of IUCN (2006), CITES and The Vietnam Government Decree 32-CP (2006).

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