Biological characters of Euplectrus xanthocephalus Girault (Hym.: Eulophidae) ectoparasite on Spodoptera litura Fabr. larvae

Nguyen Thi Thu, Tran Ngoc Lan, Vu Quang Con


Research on biological characters of Euplectrus xanthocephalus ectoparasite on Spodoptera litura Fabr. larvae in Nghe An province shows the following results:

In rearing condition at 25oC, 67% RH, life cycle of Euplectrus xanthocephalus is 14,95 ± 0,09 days;

E. xanthocephalus is ectoparasite on Spodoptera litura Fabr. larvae from 1 instar to 4 instar larvae, specially the highest parasitic rate concentrate on 2 instar and 3 instar larvae of the host. They do not parasite on other age of Spodoptera litura Fabr. larvae (5 instar and 6 instar larvae);

Eggs were laid on all three thoracic segments and abdominal segments 1-8, with a maximum number of eggs laid on the third thoracic segment to the second abdominal segments;

Most of E. xanthocephalus eggs were laid on back of host, some of them on side and the eggs were not laid on venter of host;

Sex ratio (female: male) is 2: 1.

Key words: Biological characters, ectoparasite, life cycle, suitable instars for parasitizing, Euplectrus xanthocephalus, Spodoptera litura.

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