The Chemical composition of leaf oil of Cupressus tonkinensis Silba. in Huu Lien, Lang Son province

Tran Huy Thai, Nguyen Thi Hien, Do Thi Minh, Pham Van The


Cupressus tonkinensis Silba. is an evergreen, medium-sized tree, up to 15-25 cm in height. Bark is gey brown with longitudinal fissures. Leaves are scaly, closely inserted on twigs. Cones are unisexual, grouped on a stalk. Male cone is subglobular. This is an endangered species in Vietnam, only found in a narrow area of the Central Region and the North belonging to Lang Son and Tuyen Quang provinces. This is a light-demanding species, thriving in hot and wet tropical and subtropical forests and occurring naturally as dominant stands at elevation of 800-1200 m.

The yield of essential oil from the air-dried leaves was 0.13 percent. By using GC/MS analysis, 26 constituents have been identified. The main constituents of essential oil were sabinen (29.34%), a-pinen (25.4%), 4-terpineol (13.91%) and g-terpinen (5.5%).

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